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Who am I?

My name is Dian Dimitrov an IT specialist graduaded New Bulgarian University in Sofia Bulgaria. I am currently working in one of the best WordPress providers world wide called WPX Hosting. My work is giving me the chance to help people make their life with IT technologies much easier by solving issues all the time and improving my skills every day. Meanwhile, I am trying to explore the world with bigger and bigger targets in many areas.

IT Intrustry

Looking for new opportunities in Hosting services, Developments, SEO etc.

Driving Events

My biggest hoby ever is testing cars performance and test driving.

Mountain Runs

Always chasing the highest peak. Nature is the natural soul recharging


Never stop looking for new chances to make the world a better place.


Basic knowledge of programming languages: HTML, CSS, PHP (up to 7.2 amateur level). Developments in custom HTML/CSS/PHP apps, MVC-Model knowledge, Phalcon Framework basis;

Hosting management and Networking

Generic experience with all kind of hosting services and technologies as: Virtual Servers, LXD/LXC, CPanel/WHM, Vesta, VirtualMin/Cloudmin, Apache, MySQL, DNS, FTP, SMTP/POP3, SSL, OpenVPN, Nagstamon Monitoring.

Magic debugging

Awesome Debugging and analytic thinking. Watch, observe and hunt the issues to the end. Еvaluation of a problem, making a plan followed by an aggressive attack in search of a solution.

Technical Ninja

Even if I am not the person who will be legitimate to take over your technical thread, let me know so I will find the person who does.


I provide
creative solutions for all your IT needs!

In case you are looking for a high-advanced technical advisor, please do not hesitate to contact me anytime.

Trust my opinion now


Active Projects

Here you can find the current projects that I am involved in
 at this moment

WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting is a leading WordPress Managed Hosting.

In WPX Hosting we provide with superior page loading SPEED through brand new high-spec SSD servers and amazing inovation Hosting technologies as our own CloudService.

My job here includes:

– Providing technical support to customers, over Ticketing system and LiveChat from all over the world;
– Troubleshooting issues related to the web server configuration;
– Troubleshooting WordPress & other CMS issues.
– Extensive work with Linux Shell;
– Performing on-page website optimizations;
– Monitoring servers & individual accounts for CPU/MySQL load via SSH and Nagios;


ManageMyHost is non-Comercial personal project in pre-lunching state so it is not available for commercial use at this point.

The service provides premium Hosting services for all kind of website platforms and dedicated containers.

The project is sponsored as offical New Bulgarian University project.

My work here is including Development and System administration levels:

– Building an internal Cloud Network based on LXD/LXC.
– Server Builds from Scratch.
– MVC model Construction over Phalcon Frame work PHP high speed envoirement.
– InvoiceNinja Billing merging module with Virtualmin virtual servers envoirement.
– Apache, DNS, Mail services configuration.
– Front-End Development

Villa Daniela SEO

Villa Daniela is a small tiny website guest house based on WordPress with a huge amazing SEO campaign managed by me.

My work here includes using all kind of SEO tools and tricks.

This project is a live example of that the size is not releated to the result.

What ever business you start it is important to find the best way to show it to the potential clients.

Search Engines are the most successfull way to let the people know that you exist.

However this neads people with experience to manage your campaign 24/7.
Contact me if you like your product to reach the stars.



With the Internet spreading linke wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information.